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The Loom
Coffee Break Cookies & MOKA BAND

Buy @ Production/Programming/Sampling: Yiannis Michakis (Solitary) // Theodoros Bissias (Damned1 AKA Vocals/Lyrics: Katerina (Kira) Psarra // Yiota Dimitrakopoulou Guitars: Nikos Yiannaras // Taxiarchis Kostakis // Panagiotis Panoysis Keys: Tasos Chalkidis Drums: Yiorgos Rados Bass: Thodoris Ifantis (Hoper) Mixing/Mastering: Yiannis Michakis (Solitary) Camera/Video: Theodoros Bissias (Damned1) Studios: Downbeat//Dudu Loft//Kliniki All our love to Konstantinos Zavos & Stavros Georgiopoulos from Dudu Loft studio for their collaboration. We also want to thank very much Thanos Papachristou and Leonidas Papakonstantinou for being always there for us. ©2018 All Rights Reserved by Coffee Break Cookies & Moka Band